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Castaway Island Chardonnay 2018, Gisborne

Castaway Island Chardonnay 2018, Gisborne


Castaway Island Chardonnay 2018,

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Years ago, New Zealand was a treacherous place to reach by sea. It's been responsible for countless shipwrecks. Premium Chardonnay is the Kiwi castaway. Overshadowed by Sauvignon Blanc, it's not given the focus it deserves on the wine-world stage. So it's still under the radar. And you can taste this world-beating expertise at a snip. You're in for a punchy cocktail of tropical fruit and melon, all balanced by zesty acidity. It shows the best of what's unique to Gisborne. You'll truly get lost in the abundance of fruit flavours in this. And you'll just find it here.

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Weight 1200 g

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Type White
Grape Chardonnay
Style Fruity White
ABV 13%
Units 9.8
Country New Zealand